Is Life Stressing You Out?

Is Life Stressing You Out?

Take tai chi classes to heal your mind and body in Rochester, NH

Are you trying to recover from an old injury? Tai chi classes could be just what the doctor ordered to build joint flexibility and get you on the road to recovery. At New England Wellness And Martial Arts, we teach tai chi to people of all ages.

Tai chi martial arts focus on breathing control, maintaining good posture and slow movements that combine relaxation and concentration. It's a great form of exercise for cardiac rehab patients, people who play sports or those who are at risk of falling, as there is no hard impact on the heart and it helps build balance.

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Find out why tai chi is good for your mental and physical health

One of the best things about practicing tai chi is that it can be done anywhere. You can challenge yourself with new techniques alone in your living room or in a dojo surrounded by your friends.

Tai chi martial arts teach many important skills, including how to:

  • Relax, slow down your heart rate and relieve stress
  • Move slowly and achieve mind and body balance
  • Be focused, mindful and move intentionally
  • Eliminate distractions and stay in the moment

NEWMA will help you improve your health and calm your mind. Find your inner peace with tai chi classes in Rochester, NH.