Knock Parkinson's Symptoms Out

Knock Parkinson's Symptoms Out

Take boxing classes in Rochester, NH to help alleviate your ailments

Our Rock Steady Boxing program is about more than people getting together to hit punching bags - it can cause real life changes. The founder of this program suffered from Parkinson's disease, and the symptoms had gotten so bad that he couldn't sign his name anymore. This program helped him-and has been proven to help others-reverse some of their symptoms.

Today, New England Wellness And Martial Arts is a certified affiliate of Rock Steady Boxing in Rochester, NH. Get involved in boxing classes now and hit Parkinson's disease out of the ring.

How can boxing help you fight against Parkinson's?

The boxing classes in Rochester, NH work to relieve symptoms by:

  • Engaging your mind in the exercise - using addition flashcards and other exercises while boxing adds a cognitive component to your workout
  • Encouraging relaxation and conditioning - in addition to working on your boxing skills, you'll use tai chi techniques to gain focus and balance
  • Offering neuroprotective benefits - this class will push you past the limit of what you think you can do to achieve real life-changing results

If you're suffering from symptoms of Parkinson's disease, like deteriorated motor skills, speech and balance, give Rock Steady Boxing a chance. Sign up today for a non-contact boxing class that can improve your life.